NLRTC - About the centre

About the centre

An unparalleled facility

The NLRTC project will build an unparalleled facility to accelerate the development of innovative leakage detection and repair solutions. The centre will be collaboratively specified and designed by leakage experts across the water industry working with academic and research establishments as well as the supply chain. The project runs from September 2022 – August 2027 and will deliver a fully staffed test centre with the ability to certify technologies for application within the water industry. The centre will be operated and enhanced for three years post completion of the centre.

Accelerating and enabling innovation

The centre will provide a large, failsafe environment that simulates a real water network, to research, test and experiment new technologies within. This enables product development to run in parallel with Reg31 approval. Since the collaboratively designed certifications will demonstrate that a solution works, it will lead to market acceptance without multiple trials being required with the target water company. The NLRTC removes the loops and delays and doesn’t pose a risk to water quality on the live network which in turn will enable innovative leakage solutions years earlier.

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