NLRTC - How it can be used

How it can be used

Water companies

Water companies are leading the way on developing new approaches to leakage management, however using water supply networks to test the cause of leakage, measurement of leakage or approaches to reduce leaks is difficult on a live network. The NLRTC will provide a huge opportunity for water companies to work on a realistic network without risking water supplies or water quality. This could include training staff in operation of the network or trialling new equipment before installing it on a live network.


Suppliers will be able to test new products to provide evidence that they work on a network, and also improve products over time. It also provides a demonstration site to allow suppliers to demonstrate the value of their products and, following successful testing, receive industry recognised product certification.  


Researchers need to be able to test their methods in a supportive environment, where there is access to a network to trial new approaches such as self-repairing pipes. Typically this research is confined to small test facilities with a limited amount of support. The NLRTC will provide a larger more representative site, with support from technical staff, to undertake research in a secure way whilst protecting intellectual property, and providing technical support.


Consultants provide a huge range of technical support, and have developed their own tools and methods. However, like researchers, they may struggle to test these methods on a live network. The NLRTC provides a space, with excellent facilities, to trial new methods and ideas.